I’m Marta, fashion designer from La Coruña, Spain, born in 1995.
I’ve always been interested in art, illustration and fashion. After finishing the basic studies I got into a textil and fashion design school, ESDEMGA at Pontevedra. There, I got the chance to create fashion collections and develope my drawing skills. I’ve also participated in a few fashion shows and been part of collaborations with other designers developing once a collection called Ivory and doing edits for fashion magazines.
After finishing my degree I worked in Madrid for The 2nd Skin Co, an atelier where I also helped as a backstage assistant at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week.
I love traveling, learning about different cultures and meeting new people, i see it as way to get inspired to generate new designs like prints and pieces of clothes.
I started my way into fashion working for a year as a menswear and graphic designer. Nowadays, I’m working as a womenswear designer at an international company from Spain, always looking forward to new projects.